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Our CREATIVE business unit delivers our video production and photography services. On the video side, we specialise in documentaries, promotional reels, adverts, event highlights and news gathering - samples of which can be viewed on our YouTube page.

We also occasionally undertake weddings, birthdays and other celebratory events. Our photography services are similarly mostly journalistic, focusing on sports and current affairs.

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Our TECHNICAL business unit delivers solutions for live events and permanent installations. By drawing on relationships with our partners, we are also able to supply equipment in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our widely experienced technical team is also available to run live productions at existing installations where only personnel are required.

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Our CONSULTANCY business unit delivers systems design, fault finding, project management and training services. We design technical systems to meet your particular requirements, and deliver bespoke on-site training for your multimedia and production personnel.

Our technical training modules include sound, graphics, video editing and lighting; while non-technical modules include team building and soft skills that are necessary for success.


Driving Our Passion


Managing & Technical Director

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Financial Director


Extending Our Capability

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