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Ayobami is a witty public speaker who honed his art through various experiences starting from his time as a student society president at university in 2000. He has since hosted a variety of events including weddings, birthdays and official ceremonies across 4 continents. He is very savvy at adapting to his particular audience, resulting in his distinctly classy, yet sensitive approach that injects fun and humour in the right places. If you want a professional, fun and engaging host to carry your guests along while ensuring that the vision for your event is executed to the very last detail, then look no further.

"Successfully hosting an event is 90% in knowing the audience, which is always my first task.

Once I do that, the rest is just like talking to family".

~ Ayobami



40th Birthday - Virtual (Zoom), KENYA / GLOBAL - January 2021

Mr Olunloyo is a Superstar!

When I decided I wanted to have a Zoom event to celebrate my 40th birthday, I knew I wanted an MC. I know and have interacted with a few Zoom MCs but it just never occurred to use them for this occasion. I wanted someone who knows their stuff in terms of engaging an audience, funny, charismatic and who would just take a sensible control of the event. My prayer was that he’d agree and be free that day. My plan B was to use either of two popular comedians. It came so easy and natural that Mr O was my preferred option because I have attended a few events (mainly in church, Jesus House London), and a few other events and...I genuinely found each of those events interesting because of him. When I contacted him to ask if he’d be kind enough to be my MC, I was surprised that he was shocked. Thankfully, he agreed despite his very busy schedule during the Christmas and New Year period and that’s where my excitement began. From our first meeting about the Zoom event, he just confirmed he was the best option - the only option really. I had thought the meeting would be a simple, what date? What time? No problem. But the list of to-dos and ideas he came up with got me super excited already. He’s a man that does things properly. He ensured every single detail was covered and rehearsed as much as possible. He made everyone feel super comfortable with their role during the event i.e. the speakers, operators and audience. The participation in the activities was really high, just because of the transferable excitement and buzz he brings. He effortlessly captivates the crowd, younger, older or middle aged. He puts God first in all of his work. So really, it was no surprise that the event was a blast. I can’t tell you how many of my guests contacted me afterwards to ask who he is, commended his work and took his contact details. So many of my guests actually told me their intention was to join for a few minutes and they log off but they ended up staying on for hours, until the very end. “This is the best Zoom event I have ever attended” was the quote from most of my guests. Most importantly, I had funnn and I’m super glad my guests did as well.


Product Launch - Virtual (Zoom), UK / GLOBAL - November 2020

PaV Media in the person of Ayobami Olunloyo anchored the e-launch of my Business venture, Veduxe, on the 28th November 2020 with distinction and decorum. As the Master of Ceremony, he sprinkled his gold dust of class, character and care on each segment of the programme without missing a beat. His ability to manage quick changes to aspects of the event was admirable. For me and many others that attended, he is a first-class ‘class act’ and masterful at creating and sustaining an atmosphere of fun and laughter such that the passing of time is not obvious. I especially commend him for hours spent before the meeting, where he garnered sufficient information needed to execute his role as an excellent MC. I will not hesitate to recommend him for ANY role at events that require a creative, strategic and fun anchorman. 
Dola (CEO, Veduxe Ltd)


Wedding Reception - Limassol, CYPRUS - August 2019

Our MC of life! You were simply amazing. You took your time to meet with us and understand what we wanted before the event. It was evident on the day that you had done a lot of prepping. You knew everyone that played a key role from both families, engaged the vendors ahead of the ceremony and reception and carried us all the way. Your professionalism was excellent and our vendors attested to that. You applied the right measure of humour, seriousness, games and brought a good balance to the order of the day. There was never a dull moment at our wedding. Our guests had a lovely time especially with the games and everyone thought you were simply outstanding. We had an absolutely wonderful time! Thank you for doing a great job and making our wedding a memorable event!


Wedding Blessing & Reception - London, UK - November 2018

Ayo!!! Where should we start?! The utmost level of professionalism and charisma, it really was one of the best decisions we made, to have you MC at our wedding. From the moment you arrived you took charge and put everything in order! You should add Wedding Planner to you resume! Thank you for being so on top of everything! And possessing an attitude of calm that was contagious and much needed at times! You went over and beyond what you were contracted to do and your love for your job was clear to see. Witty, charming, funny, organised and in control - you were all these things and more, it was a pleasure having you MC at our Wedding. God bless you!!!
Agnes & Seye Soyode-Johnson


40th Birthday - London, UK - April 2018

A very big thank you for your stellar execution of duties as MC at my 40th birthday party. Your eloquence, style, direction and delivery created the perfect atmosphere for my guests to feel comfortable and engaged throughout. The level of preparation, attention to detail and the capture of the why, how and what I wanted to achieve gave me a sense of confidence that you had taken ownership. Your visit to the venue ahead of the day demonstrated your professional attitude and evidenced your keenness to be well prepared. Your punctuality on the day was exemplary, and whilst this is the norm for you, I do know this is certainly not the norm for most MCs. We had a relaxed evening and were thoroughly entertained. The feedback from my guests was also excellent. God bless you richly and may you continue to excel at this in Jesus name.

Henry Okpor (OHIVE)


Joint 40th & 50th Birthdays - Maryland, USA - February 2018

Just wanted to say a big thank you for being Master of Ceremonies at our 40/50 birthday celebration. Despite asking you at very short notice, you very graciously accepted and helped to put together a very fluid program for the evening that exceeded our expectations. We were most impressed by your easy and charming way of including everyone in the room and helping to make it such an enjoyable and memorable evening. So much warmth, laughter and memories to cherish for a long time. Thank you once again Bam. God bless you.
Toyin & Ladi Olaoye


50th Birthday - London, UK - July 2017

“I would like the day to reflect me, my person, interests, things that are important to me.” Ayobami listened carefully as I described my vision for my big day. He asked several questions, took copious notes and drew several esoteric diagrams using an assortment of coloured pens. What he delivered was satisfying on many levels and included one or two special touches and a surprise that was the highlight of my evening; it was wonderful for hear peals of laughter from our guests as he guided us through his unique version of ‘Music through the Ages!’

Clearly a gifted orator, Ayobami brings skill and humour to the job of compering. He has a clear sense of occasion and a style and approach which are adaptable to each environment.  He is able to bridge cultures and generations and tailors his offering to the specific audience.  He is consistently thorough with a detailed preparation process irrespective of the size of the job.  He takes his responsibilities very seriously. You can rest assured that he will ensure the smooth execution of your vision. He will stitch all the seams together and deliver a finished product that is not only fit for purpose, but leaves one reliving the memories long after the last guest has departed.  Certainly, you will get a memorable experience for all the right reasons.


Wedding Reception - Barcelona, SPAIN - March 2017

It is rare to find an MC who is a perfect blend of wit, humour, charm, creativity, energy and eloquence that is able to maintain the audience’s attention and roll with all the punches. Ayobami was all this and so much more! He kept the party going and ensured that the order of events flowed seamlessly. He was an artful storyteller, regaling our guests with jokes and anecdotes while also being time-conscious. We were truly blessed to have had him MC our wedding and highly recommend him for all events!


Wedding Reception - Lagos, NIGERIA - August 2016

To be honest, having Bam as the compère at our wedding was pure serendipity. We had initially booked someone else who cancelled on us and we really wanted someone who knew us and would be able to relate to all the guests (as the age range varied). I had seen Bam compère at another wedding in Dubai and he was really great at it. Thus, we contacted him instantly to see if he was available to do ours and thankfully he was. It was truly the best decision we made as he was the perfect man for the role.  He had our guests engaged and in stitches most of the night and everyone had a great time. Now he has become our family compère and will be doing ALL our events God willingly.


Worship Night & Wedding Reception - Dubai, UAE - October 2015

There are so many wonderful things we remember about our wedding, but if we are completely honest one of our favourite things was having Ayobami as our MC. He pulled everything together so nicely. We loved the way he crafted a story of our love and painted a picture for our guests, as he took them on a journey of our lives which culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception. We were adamant we didn’t want a comedian, we wanted an MC that had the ability to engage our guests while letting them know that our day was extra special because of them. What sets Ayobami apart from other MCs is his attention to detail. He remembered key family members’ names and their role/influence in our lives, thus setting a warm, intimate experience for all guests.  He truly was one of our wedding highlights, he set the tone nicely and made everyone feel special and welcome.